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Concept Generation in Product Management

How do you generate a concept, or a new product idea? Concept Generation is one of the most remarkable parts of the Product Management process, and it is also one of the most creative steps. There are many pathways to generating a new product idea, and this phase is also commonly referred to as the Ideation phase.

If you are within an organization, then you can meet with your internal stakeholders and explore areas of opportunity that they might have already identified, and then champion these ideas.

If you are creating your own product or startup, then you will have to rely on your own ideas. Pick an interest area or an industry that you are familiar with and sincerely ask yourself if there is a better way to offer a particular product or service to the customers than how it is currently being delivered. If you think there is an opportunity to provide a better experience, then you can move to the Market Research phase of the Product Management process! Next post I will talk about the Market Research phase of the Product Management process:)!

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